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Why Choose Car Hire at Ercan Airport?

Convenience and Flexibility: Having a rental car available when you land at Ercan Airport provides unrivalled convenience and flexibility. With a car rental service, you have the opportunity to explore North Cyprus at your own speed, stopping at undiscovered jewels and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Public transportation can be time-consuming and constrictive.

Comfort and Privacy: You have a cosy and private means of transportation when you rent a car. You can enjoy a stress-free trip with your family, friends, or coworkers by avoiding packed buses or pricey taxi rates. Having a car also gives you the freedom to plan your own route and stop wherever you feel like it.


Exploring North Cyprus with Your Rental Car

Now that you have successfully booked Falak Rent A Car at Ercan Airport, it’s time to embark on a memorable adventure across North Cyprus. Here are some must-visit destinations and attractions to include in your itinerary.

In addition to providing rental cars, car rental services at Ercan Airport in North Cyprus often offer a range of additional services and insurance coverage options to enhance your rental experience. These services and coverage options provide peace of mind and added convenience during your travels.

How to Book a Car Hire at Ercan Airport

1. Research and Compare: Start by looking out reliable rental companies in North Cyprus. Look for businesses who have a good reputation, honest pricing, and a large selection of vehicles.
2. Choose the Ideal Vehicle: Think about your trip requirements and preferences, such as the number of people, the amount of luggage space, and the features you want. Whether you favour a little car, a roomy SUV, or an opulent sedan, be sure the car meets your needs.
3. Verify and Get Ready: You will receive a confirmation of your reservation along with directions for picking up your rental car at Ercan Airport after confirming your reservation. Bring all necessary paperwork, including your passport, driver’s licence, and any other forms of identity or payment.


Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus is home to a variety of automobile rental businesses. However, Falak Rent a Car is the best choice for your trip.

Yes, you can pick up a rental car from EasygoTr at Ercan Airport.

Although it is strongly advised to use a credit card in the renter’s name, some businesses will also take credit cards from someone else as long as they are present when the vehicle is picked up in Cyprus. Find out which credit cards our vehicle rental partners accept here.

Depending on the provider, different times are available for car rentals at Ercan Airport. However, Falak Rent a Car is open every day of the week from 7 am to 11 nights.

Yes, the age limit for renting is 25 and 75 at the most. Younger drivers (those under 28) could not be permitted to operate heavy vehicles, nevertheless. Can I rent a car from one place and return it to another? Yes, delivery to a different service location besides a car pick-up location is an option.

At Ercan Airport in North Cyprus, a variety of vehicles is typically available for rental, including: compact cars, medium cars, SUVs, convertibles, and many more.

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