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North Cyprus Car Hire: Rental Services for Your Convenience and Adventure

When searching for North Cyprus Car Hire service providers, we are your trusted provider operating under the name Falak Rent a Car. Our primary objective is to offer superior car hire service experience throughout the country. With us, every minute you spend behind the wheel in Northern Cyprus affords you an unparalleled sense of freedom and flexibility during travel events. With your self-drive rental vehicle, you can easily navigate and appreciate the scenic landscapes of this magnificent area without any restrictions. For instance, if you need to have a quiet time away from home or looking for thrilling adventures, we will provide you with the best car that fits your desires.

Falak Rent a Car: Rental Services for Your Convenience

At Falak Rent a Car, we prioritize your comfort and convenience. Here’s why our North Cyprus Car Hire services stand out:

  • Wide Range of Vehicles: If you are alone or in a relationship, small cars are great for individuals, while huge ones are ideal for families or group travel. Our fleet is vast enough to satisfy most individual needs.
  • Budget-friendly Prices: Have a taste of our competitive prices while maintaining high standards. Our plans can be tailor-made to suit any pocket-size.
  • Simple booking procedures: Just some few clicks, then your reserve your car with us through our easily accessible booking system. Otherwise you may contact us directly for more personal service.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our customer support is available 24/7 to answer any questions you have, regardless of the time or your location. If you want some help with a breakdown or would like to ask anything regarding your car rental, we are ever available.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: For reassurance when driving without worries; we assure you that the cars for hire are fully insured.

When you rent a car with Falak then you’re not just renting a car you’re buying a new friend for your amazing North Cyprus journey this is how we make your journey unforgettable:

Our cars get serviced and cleaned frequently to ensure you’re safe and comfortable while riding; Start your journey with a full tank and return it the same way; this policy is transparent and easy for our clients. Our unlimited mileage policy lets you roam as much as you want without any extra charges.

Tips for Driving in North Cyprus

To make sure your journey is safe and fun, here are few tips to follow and keep in mind:

  • Always drive on the left side of the road in the north Cyprus. This may take some time to get used to it if you are from a country where people drive on the right side.
  • There are few traffic guidelines for driving which you need to observe and remember like not exceeding 50 km/h within the town’s area and 65 km/h outside the perimeter of the town and maximum you can go to 100 km/h on the highways.
  • Nobody like to pay fines and you surely don’t. Right? So, in order to avoid these fines, always follow the regulations and do not break any rule.
  • While there are many gas stations in the urban areas, make sure you have enough gas before you enter in rural areas.

Why Choose Falak Rent a Car?

A significant impact can be derived from making the right choice in a car hire company, ,thus, here is why Falak Rent a Car is the best choice for car rental in Northern Cyprus:

  • Local Expertise: We’re an old company in Turkey with much local experience and commitment to excellence in service in North Cyprus.
  • Reliable Service: From trust and reliability is where our reputation is mostly anchored at. We will do more for our customers with the aim of ensuring that they are happy.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: At all times prior to returning it means that once you make your booking they pick up your vehicle, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Exploring Northern Cyprus with North Cyprus Car Hire is characterized by majestic lushness, insightful past and vivid cultural practices. If you choose Falak Hire Car Services, then nobody or nothing else will determine how far your journey goes. Therefore starting with booking and finishing with leaving back vehicle at company depot, we do everything possible to provide no-hassle/hustle pleasant moments. Do treat our fleet of cars as if it were your own hence departing from the breathtaking terrain of Northern Cyprus.

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