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Know about Traffic Rules in North Cyprus

Are you planning your trip to Northern Cyprus for business or travel purposes? For this, one must choose the North Cyprus Car Hire option to get the vehicle on rent. However, you must know the road and traffic rules of Northern Cyprus. From following the speed limit to driving on the left side of the road are some of the crucial rules that you must know.

Let’s get an insight of the road rules of driving in this region to avoid any fines:

Traffic Rules To Follow North Cyprus

Kıbrıs Havaalanı Araç Kiralama

Have you just hired a rented car to travel to North Cyprus? If yes then you’ll have to keep traffic rules in mind while driving to this region. Certain traffic and road rules are there that every car driver should follow:

Follow left side driving

In Northern Cyprus, the road traffic flows on the left side which is different from many other country’s driving rules. So, a driver needs to be aware of left-side driving especially when they have a habit of right-side driving. Sometimes, it might be confusing for drivers who are driving first time in Cyprus. However, it just requires some concentration while driving the rental cars.

Similarly, you’ll have to follow the road rule near the roundabout. While approaching any roundabout, don’t forget to check the left and right sides to avoid any sort of mishappening.

Keep the speed limit in mind

If you’ve booked North Cyprus Car Hire to visit the Northern part of Cyprus, keep the speed limit in mind. In this region, you’ll find speed limits almost everywhere. Be it residential areas or highways, there are some car speed limits that one must follow.

If you will be driving in the city area then the speed limit should be between 50 to 65 km/h. As per the traffic rule for residential areas in North Cyprus, you must drive within 50 km/h. It is always suggested to stick to the road rules if you don’t want to end up with legal traffic issues in this region.

Road signs

Another crucial road rule that you must know while traveling to North Cyprus is the road sign significance. Here, you won’t see many road signs for directions as all these are done by road marking. The good thing is that road markings will be visible which makes driving easier and quicker. 

Choose Falak Rent A Car For North Cyprus Car Hire

As you see, there are some specific road rules that you must follow while booking North Cyprus Car Hire. If you’ve any requirements for booking car rentals then you can consider choosing Falak Rent A Car as it provides a wide range of rental cars at affordable charges. You can choose any type of rented car for your next visit to any part of Cyprus.

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