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What to Do in Case of an Emergency With Your Rental Car From Ercan Airport?

Emergency With Your Rental Car From Ercan Airport


While travelling, renting a car gives you flexibility and freedom, but unexpected challenges may occur especially while driving on unfamiliar roads. Foreign tourists are always welcomed at Ercan Airport, which acts as a gateway to Northern Cyprus. Hiring a car at north cyprus gives you peace of mind but you should know what to do if an emergency situation occur

In this detailed guide, we’ll go over the crucial steps you should take to deal with emergencies involving your rental car at Ercan Airport and guarantee your safety and comfort while driving.

10 Steps to Follow in Case of Emergency

Car hire service at ercan airport North Cyprus can result in unexpected emergencies. You must follow the step by step guide in case of emergency situations to deal with it properly.

1.   Put Safety First:

Putting safety first is crucial in any emergency. Prioritize the safety of you and your passengers in the event of a breakdown, accident, or other emergency when operating your rental car from Ercan Airport. If at all possible, move the car to a safe spot and put on the warning lights to warn oncoming traffic.

2.   Get in Touch with the Rental Company:

As soon as you’re in a secure area, get in touch with the company that rented you the car. The majority of rental firms have emergency support services available, and their agents can provide direction on what to do next. Keep the lease and any insurance papers close at hand in case you need to supply pertinent data.

3.   Adhere to Rental Company Guidelines:

Different car rental companies North Cyprus may have different policies in place for dealing with car emergencies. Whether they tell you to arrange for towing, roadside assistance, or to submit paperwork for insurance claims, pay close attention to what they say. Make sure to inquire about any possible expenses or restrictions on coverage related to the emergency services.

4.   Record the Incident:

It’s important to take detailed records of any incidents, including any accidents or damage to the rental automobile. Take pictures of the scene, making sure to capture any damage to the car and the surroundings. Inform other parties involving drivers, passengers, and witnesses and get their insurance information, contact information, and license plate numbers etc.

5.   Notify Authorities if Needed:

You might need to alert local authorities, such as the highway patrol or police, depending on how serious the incident is. It is frequently legally obligatory to report a collision to the police, regardless of who is at fault. Provide accurate information about the facts surrounding the situation and cooperate completely with law police.

6.   Seek Medical Attention if Needed:

Get medical help as soon as possible if someone gets hurt during the incident. The safety of both you and your passengers comes first. Obtaining medical attention and treatment is crucial, even if injuries appear minor at first, in order to avoid any future consequences. As part of the documentation process, keep track of any medical treatments you receive.

7.   Recognize Insurance Coverage:

Learn about the insurance that the car rental company offers before renting a car from Ercan Airport. The majority of rental agreements contain basic insurance coverage; however, you may be able to acquire extras like supplemental liability insurance or collision damage waiver. Comprehend the restrictions, limitations, and stipulations of your insurance plan to guarantee adequate coverage during crises.

8.   Remain Calm and cooperative:

It’s crucial to maintain calmness and cooperation in tense circumstances, including crises with your rental automobile. Maintain open lines of contact with the rental company, first responders, and any other relevant parties. Steer clear of conflicts and concentrate on finding a quick and safe solution.

9.   Make Other Travel Arrangements:

Make other travel arrangements to continue your trip from Ercan Airport in case the rental automobile becomes unusable due to an emergency. The rental company might offer a replacement car, or you might need to look into other choices like using public transportation, taxis, or ridesharing services, depending on the situation.

10.  Check and Follow Up:

After the emergency is handled, spend some time checking in with the hired car rental company to make sure that everything that was required has been done. Verify the quality and completeness of any submitted documentation, such as rental agreements, insurance claims, and repair estimates. Answer any queries or concerns right away to prevent problems down the road.


In conclusion, unexpected emergencies might occur while hiring a car at Ercan Airport, but being ready and understanding how to respond to the situation can be crucial. You can deal with emergencies when driving from Ercan Airport with your rental car by putting safety first, adhering to protocol, and maintaining patience.

Moreover, recall to keep a record of the event, comprehend your insurance policy, and ask the rental company and authorities for help when required. You may confidently continue your journey and conquer any obstacles with cautious planning and swift action.

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